O HAI GUYZ: Between Personal Style Bloggers, Their Readers, and Modern Fashion.
You can read my thesis through Open Access by clicking this link

"'The best way I knew- through fashion': On Personal Style Bloggers and Self-Expression" in Fashion International 5 e-book, forthcoming

"The Short, Passionate and Close-Knit History of Personal Style Blogs" in Fashion Theory Special Issue on Fashion Blogs, forthcoming

"At one remove from reality: Style bloggers and outfit posts" in The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture 1 (2) 2012

"The Depths of a Surface" in Address Issue 2, 2013

Material Visions, my regular column on fashion theory on The Conversation.
'Fashion's new showdown: bloggers and journalists', Vogue Australia
'What not to wear: academic edition part two', Thesis Whisperer 
'On dressing and being dressed', Kill Your Darlings
Various posts (May 30 2012; May 7 2012; May 1 2012; March 1 2012; March 16 2011) for Girl With A Satchel