Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I submitted my thesis last Friday!

Somehow, and I can hardly believe it, but somehow, I finished writing and editing my thesis and I submitted it last Friday. I keep trying to write out different thoughts and feelings about it but it feels too personal- and I keep thinking, what if my markers look at Fashademic? So I'm very self-conscious all of a sudden. Ah, internet ethnography, you are too weird.

So all I can say is... I am a little incredulous and very happy, and thank you for reading along with me throughout this entire process. I will reflect a little later on finishing the PhD experience, a part two to this post, perhaps (the key take-home of which will be: however long you think something will take (proof-reading, writing your conclusion, getting it bound)... it will take longer than you think. Much. Longer!) And maybe by then I can corral some further words into cohesion beyond a confused flush of pride.

But for now, I am officially under examination, and I will let you know if and when my thesis is available to be read (some of you have said that you'd like to?) I'm going to set up a website that has links to all of my writing and articles, so I'll post a link here when that happens, too. 

In the meantime, check out my column on The Conversation for more enthusiastic ramblings on fashion theory and culture. My next project will be a series of articles on the performance of fashion shows, and I'll be kick-starting my thoughts on that with a series of columns drawn out of my attendance at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia next week.

See you soon!

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