Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going to Great New Lengths- Vogue Australia July 13

I haven't reblogged an editorial for quite some time, but my favourite in recent months was 'Going to Great New Lengths', shot by Nicole Bentley and styled by Meg Gray for Vogue Australia July 2013. I have admired the work of both of these women for a long time, but when coupled with the rangy NZ model Ashleigh Good and her cool stare and the swing skirts and cropped jumpers that are my favourite topic dress-wise right now... well. You have the recipe for something marvellous.

The boater, the neutral tones, the proportions! Although I'm not crazy about the shoes: if I was wearing this look I'd do a chunky loafer with it, or maybe glossy dark brogues like those Dries Van Noten had on the AW13 runway. While the height and chunk of these look marvellous, as a piece they remind me more of Nineties grunge platforms than Oxbridgey Cool Girl...and yet somehow it works here? 

What I love about this Prada suit is its unexpected colour and texture combination, and the way that the fur trim on the sleeves resemble a muff. I've always been mad keen on muffs but can never bring myself to buy one when I find them (idiot!) because what will I do with it? Same story with boaters, until I finally caved and bought a gorgeous vintage one last year. How many times have I worn it? Exactly once.

If the jumper wasn't with this outfit I wouldn't be nuts for it, but the dark camel with the burnt orange of the skirt= so good! And the pop of crisp white at collar and cuff is what it needs to stay light. Gosh, she looks cool.

Slayed by the volume.