Thursday, September 19, 2013

springtime checks/stripes/colour

It is Spring with a vengeance in Sydney right now and the riot of sunny days followed by torrential rain and confused, hazy flowers bursting into colour has me a little stir crazy. My hands are reaching for all the colours and prints my wardrobe can afford; and this in direct contrast with last week's UK navy-jumper-fest. Which was all I felt like slouching around Oxford in, truth be told, with a cuff of white popping at my wrist. But now- give me checks, glitter nails, earrings, clashing jumpers, more checks and some stripes please.
Which explains this combo:

And this hectic grin:

Also, am quite loving this skirt I bought in Zara last week. Possibly the best ever find I've found in Zara yet: stiff thick woven cotton in the most pleasing dark blue/black/earthy red check, high and waspy-waisted, fitted and super-flattering and in it, I feel quite the elegant woman-about-town. 

Outfit details: bassike shirt, Zara skirt, Kenzo jumper, Jil Sander slippers, Dinosaur Designs earrings, Coach handbag and Dries Van Noten sunglasses.

ps. thank you Kate for taking these photos- 
you're the best!

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