Monday, July 29, 2013

plaid applique party (and everyone's invited!)

There are two style blogging truths I have come to terms with– nay, embraced– of late and this is what they are: first, just because your research has meant you know every single trick of the trade for making a 'successful' style blog, doesn't mean you (me) are able to successfully implement them (see: setting up tripod for well-framed, in-focus photos); and second, if my history on style blogging has brought anything to my attention (jk it has brought lots of things to my attention b/c obviously it is very thorough and clever) it reminded me that in the beginning style blogging was a lot more lo-fi and that was what I actually loved about it.

Of course it's a pleasure skimming the gorgeous, profesh 'glossy' blogs but I'm still kind of crazy about the bloggers who posed against the same corner of their living room for every shot (with the same plant on the side) and those whose photos were a bit blurry but were also the best because you saw how happy they felt in the clothes so they just had to jump around in them to show us. 
You know what I mean?

So in celebration of these two truths, I bring you my latest, maybe greatest (ok probably not, why raise your hopes) outfit post to date. It features the most incredible DVN skirt I had on layby for about seven years, a Rittenhouse mens shirt I always liked myself but selflessly gave Nick and then he didn't love the fit on him so score! mine now! and the Jil Sander loafers I got on crazy sale that time that I live in. I'm also wearing a necklace I made yesterday featuring a vintage African trade bead- I love these beads, they're the most weathered and beautiful. 

I wore this to uni and work today because life is too short to save up the silk appliqué stunners for the odd wedding or doctoral graduation ceremony, don't you think?

Ok so I'm hanging in my dining area and trying to channel "chic". Except if I have a photo taken and I don't smile/pull a cheesy pose, I invariably end up channelling "sociopath".
 Exhibit A. 
Stone. Cold. Eyes.
This more accurately reflects my state of being today which was an internal loop of "WOW I AM WEARING THE WORLD'S MOST FREAKING AMAZING SKIRT WHICH MAKES MY LEGS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE GROWING BLACK CORAL" interrupted momentarily by weighing up my hunger against the likelihood that I would spill the foodstuffs in question on aforementioned skirt. Happy to report that no spillages were accrued PHEW cause I might actually die of mortification.
It's not appliquéd all the way around cause come on guys, that would be excessive, it's only all down the front (with sequins). What you see on the shelf there are some treasured stuff including but not limited to my statue of a flamingo drinking water and a blue folder where I write all the good recipes I like and also the ones that sound amazing but I deeply truly know I'll never actually make (blue cheese gougeres? I don't even really know what a gougere is, let's be real.)

But then my camera got all moody on me and this happened:
 I mean WHUT?! My face is the same colour as the WALL behind my HEAD! And that only happens very occasionally when I have been pulling long hours in the ARC which did not happen today. But I kind of like how it makes me look like an apparition? 

And then I made love to the camera.
(top to toe photo only achieved thanks to the intervention of Sal who saved the Jil Sanders from a lifetime of obscurity. Thanks Sal!)
Ok bye I have to go and write my PhD now!


  1. This skirt is so original!!!

    I’m following you on Bloglovin!

  2. Excessive in an awesome way! But hardly practical; I think sitting down would become a bit of a chore.

    I skim fashion blogs with 'photoshoot' style photos, but am much more likely to actually read the ones with the other types of photos. I'm not sure why. The latter seem more friendly, somehow.

  3. Hey thanks for following me, Marta! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog too.

    Thanks Melissa :) It's not too tight so sitting down is ok, but when I wore it I was wondering if I was leaving a trail of sequins like breadcrumbs in my wake... it's got a lovely weight to it, though- the weight of light silk all bunched up on top of itself. Sigh. Listen to me, I'm positively lovestruck!
    I prefer reading the others too- defs agree that they seem more friendly: it feels like you can get closer to the bloggers, somehow?

    1. I meant to be appliquéd all the way around would be excessive in an awesome way but impractical. As it currently is, though, it is awesome AND practical which is the best because clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed and loved. (Like the way I sometimes wear my ridiculous wool jacket around the house for no reason but that I love it.)

      Yes! Like you've been invited home for a family meal, instead of a formal dinner.

    2. ohhhhh WITH YOU! You and your jacket and me and my skirt should have a house-hanging double date where we sit in our finery while eating pizza and watching Orange Is The New Black or something!