Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love the wordplay with 'unzips'- how very Isaac Mizrahi circa 1995!

O hi. As you can see from the rather large and self-explanatory scan above, I was profiled for the Sydney Morning Herald's Postgraduate education lift-out which was in today's paper. It's a nice summary of the drive and focus of my work as well as a plug for the Department of Performance Studies (come learn with us! I might be your tutor! We're all really very clever and nice.)

Also, a quibble- I wouldn't say style bloggers 'represent' themselves online. That's not in the article and I know it's only a photograph caption but I'm a nit-picky PhD student, after all. 'Represent' invokes an idea wherein we have a self that is complete which we are capable of representing- the representation, then, being some kind of a facsimile or edit of the prior entirety of ourselves. I actually don't think that's true. Rather, I think we constantly perform ourselves, 'doing' ourselves, an idea drawn from Judith Butler's theory of performativity and also loosely from Deleuze's idea of 'becoming' (which I need to read a lot more about before pretending to be any kind of expert). 

'Performing' ourselves is not acting, is not a fiction or a fa├žade, but rather is an fluid, unceasing series of actions we perform that flow out of who we feel we are and how we are, in an embodied sense, in each situation. The iteration of myself I explore and present on Fashademic is more goofy, lame and probably more earnest than the 'me' I feel I am offline. Who I am here is not fake, it's just that the mode of being on Fashademic seems to draw certain aspects of my character out and provoke me to perform in different ways. It's all me- but the 'Fashademic me' is different to the me teaching a class is different to me with friends- although there are shades of all kinds of behaviours that flow between these different modes of being, and it's all myself. All are myself, a constant state of beingness. Which is not a word, I know.

Anyway, these are thoughts that need more thought and and that I will attempt to hash out  properly in Chapter Three. But for now, this is where I'm at. If you ever have any questions about doing a PhD or an Arts degree, or if you just want to chat about my work, please do shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you (rfin3042 at uni dot sydney dot edu dot au) x

ps. Credit is due to my dearest Rachel for the photograph of the article. Spoon.