Thursday, November 8, 2012

when you say i'm your national anthem, what does that mean exactly?

 The sculpting on the columns is like piped marzipan icing. If you lived in this house, wouldn't you just suffer from cake cravings ALL THE TIME? 

 I like lots of things about this scenario. Mostly that there are lots of plaits. When I try to plait my hair wispy bits start drifting out before I've even manhandled the elastic onto the end aka complete disaster. A little something you didn't know about me. Don't you feel like we're so much closer now?

 Lisa Cant by Irving Penn for Vogue 2005. Minnie Mousefrau? (ho ho)

 Also: her hair.

 Marseille with a tint in its eye. 

 Shoes and... I want to say that's a skort?

 See also: my upcoming summer.

 Remember Claire Forlani? Reckon she totally influenced this Donna Karan advertisement from the Nineties. Also: where did she go? Wanted to be her so hardly circa 'Meet Joe Black' and I thought she was the most beautiful ever.

 Elle Fanning. Yelling.

Just Daria Werbowy being the coolest girl in the world with her zippered ankles and her whatever shrug. 

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