Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet on Lover

Still-life from 'Sacred Hearts' A/W 2009 collection

Long-time readers will know that I am sweet on Australian label Lover.  For example. And then there's the beautiful plaid dress from their Altamont collection that I should have bought when I fell hard back then in '07. 

It haunts me, with its soft charcoal and cream checks, its gentle balloon sleeves  and its mustard velvet ribbon, threaded through the gathered neck. O, how it fell above the knee and swished when I swooshed it in the changeroom and WHY O WHY Rosie of the past didn't you take it home? Silly. (Do you get haunted by clothes that should have been yours that you didn't buy? I'm ever tailed by a troupe of clothing ghosts who brush up against me with their spectral satin pantlegs and gold lurex pleats (you heard me.) Which is how five years later I still have a crystal memory about this little plaid darling.)

Anyway the point is that this week I fell again and fell hard and I don't know how I'm ever going to be the same girl again. Because this:
Because it's sheer and floorlength and white and lovely. Because of the band details on the three-quarter length sleeves and the faint print detail diving down the skirt. I look at it and I'm at a picnic in the early afternoon or dancing barefoot with flowers in my falling-down hair, or else just kind of wafting around in a general haze of loveliness. Because it's that kind of dress, don't you think? The kind that is perfect.

All images by Lover.

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