Monday, November 12, 2012

New Romantic

There's nothing more inviting than a smirk, am I right? This is a pose that speaks volumes for my general ease and flair in front of the camera.

 But srsly, I really like this outfit. When I first bought this dress from one of my favourite ever vintage shops- American Rag in Southbank, Melbourne, you gotta go- I was on the fence about it. The skirt is an odd mushroomy pink, it has a dust ruffle that hangs like a curtain over your chest and it is sheer, sheer, sheer. But working in its favour (and mine) is the neat fit across the shoulders and the so-wrong-it's-rightness of it. In my opinion, anyway. And chuck on an electric blue sash, tights with tiny lovehearts all over and your favey-dave Rittenhouse sandals and you have an outfit that looks... well, pretty much like this:

Intense stare optional.

 Detail shot. Check out my chippy nail polish! That's the extra something I bring to style blogging.

 Then I put a Kenzo jumper on and this happened. Actually, it was during this post that I realised I have two photo poses- face forward and smile, or stand sideways and smile, which is kind of a limited repertoire. So I tried to go all Tavi and do a snarl...

 but I ended up looking like I was trying to hold a smile while squinting a bit of grit out of my eye. Not quite as cool-looking as this:

She really nails it. I should just stick with my standard and have done with.

Outfit details! dress: vintage // tights: from this little shop in Paris // sash: Zimmermann // sandals: Rittenhouse // jumper: Kenzo // lipstick: Juliet's Nars one // chippy nailpolish: USLU Airlines X Bernhard Willhelm in LAX.


  1. I tried a snarl; looked like I was about to sneeze.

    I, uh, surprisingly like the green/blue/mushroom thing going on. DON'T TELL ANYONE.