Friday, November 2, 2012

Basketball legend.

I told you I'm into "sporty" now. I'm like a whole 'nother person. No longer am I a person whose only exercise is chewing (my jaws have muscles ok?) I am now one who opts- opts, my friends- to go to one of the University's AFL fields during an afternoon break. The fact that I went to do an outfit post photoshoot is beside the point. The fact that I am shamelessly blending basketball attire with a football field is also beside the point. SPORTY.

So here am I in a darling Kate Sylvester dress/top (if you're in Sydney, it's a dress. Anywhere else, it's a top) which is a lot of things I love- sheer, navy, sequinned. It's from her S/S11 collection (thus the number on the front), and I made it un-see-through by lining it with a Bassike silk slip in buttermilk. (Aside: Bassike have the best colour names, don't you think? 'Campari and air' is the colour way of my bikini, the exact shade of hot bloodorange and pale sky blue that the name invokes.) My shoes are obviously Converse sneakers, the cuff is a so-well-worn-it-turns-my-arm-jade Stylist's Own rose gold plated number and the ring- the ring! My little Tahitian pearl beauty, made by the wonderful women at Zappacosta Jewels where I used to work and where I first fell dangerously in love with precious jewellery (BeyoncĂ© reference intended.) And my sunglasses are by Dries Van Noten. I love the juxtaposition of the flat aviator lenses with the delicate arms and pale pink frames- way too cool for me but I had to have them anyway. 

I wore this outfit to uni yesterday and it was scorching hot but my light layers of silk and sheer made me float around, even though I had to haul ass up Manning Rd to the library four times in taking Short Loans books to and fro and back again. Didn't care, I stayed cool, la-la-la!


  1. It's strange how much the addition (or subtraction) of the aviators changes the look. From where I'm sitting, anyway.

  2. I completely agree! I thought twice about including the last image... I think with the glasses is more of a comprehensive "look", but without is more "I'm a person underneath." Then again, it's entirely possible that I've overthinking this and I just need to go and watch some episodes of 'Daria' like I've been hankering to do all day...