Thursday, October 25, 2012

pink pants (in the afternoon)

Well may you wonder where the heck I have got to these past weeks, nay, months. Fashademic has been bereft of pictures of me with my "trademark" messy hair and my in-depth explorations of, you know, afternoon tea and stuff. Do I feel like a stranger? I know I do (... to myself.) 

The main thing you need to know is that I'm still giving these pink Dries pants a long, hard workout. I love a bright pair of trews and usually I'm all for pairing them with an equally eye-wateringly loud shirt but today I was feeling lazy feeling a different vibe, and so I wore this bassike tee I've been sleeping in lately and a bunch of costume jewellery and these delightful sandals by Lie X Tokuyama which are the most comfortable ever. Some might say that light trousers and a cotton tee are the perfect combo for this mild Spring weather we've been having but secretly we all know that I tend to wear whatever I feel like in the morning regardless of weather practicalities. 

A couple of disclaimers: one. bassike, Dries Van Noten and Lie X Tokuyama are all stocked at the store where I work but know that this is not a covert product placement (promise!) I have never mentioned its name here because I am a little awkward that way but if you want to come and pet the Dries with me come say hi you should pop in to Poepke because it is the most wonderful store and we are very friendly. And if you do want to pet the Dries (or the Haider or the Jil or the Bernhard or the Ann D...), you should just feel free.

Another disclaimer– or, rather, announcement– is that the costume jewellery I'm wearing isn't any old costume jewellery but it's my own (label? line?) called Stripes. What started as a way to keep my hands busy while watching 'Downton Abbey' has now turned into a fully fledged line that you can shop at Lee Mathews if you like. It's all made by hand by my very own self, and the lovely people at Lee Mathews wrote about the line here on their own blog (so meta).

And in case you're wondering, yes, I am still doing my PhD. I have one more year left  and so I'm writing a lot and breaking into cold sweats as I keep finding new articles and books that I really, really, truly must read in order to have anything authoritative to say about style blogging. And yet I am still finding time to eat crispy M&Ms while watching 'Girls' so somehow am managing to maintain a healthy, balanced life.


  1. Hello, good to see a fresh update from you! Is it possible to purhcase your Stripes jewellery online or is it only available instore?

  2. Hi! It has been too long, I'm sorry! I think they're only selling it in store but if you like, you could buy some directly from me? I can email some pictures and you could let me know what you're thinking? x

  3. You're back! FINALLY. And on Twitter too, I see. :)

    I saw a woman on the train yesterday dressed entirely in different shades of pink. Your version of pink is much better.

  4. I am BACK! I am sorry, I am sorry! It is good to be back. And now we are Twitter friends too so all is right in the world! I applaud any woman embracing pink head to toe. I am imagining her to be an iteration of the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb print ad? Pink skin and pink curled hair? One can only hope! (but thank you, I do love the shade of these pants.)

    1. Short hot pink hair, and pink eye shadow; bold, but far too much pink for me! Her phone had a pink cover, her diary/notebook was pink, the pen she used to write in it was pink...