Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oxblood fever

Lindsey Wixon for Flare, September 2012

So apparently the new trend is 'oxblood'. This is a fresh way of indicating that now we wear anything cranberry, raspberry, burgundy, or any really other kind of food that ripens in the autumn and is best consumed by the bucketful. I can take or leave it- I mean, it's lovely and all but do I want to wear something because I'm told it's going to be the done thing for the next five minutes? Mmm, not really. (And also I'm kind of vibing on all white for summer. White jeans, crisp white tees, white sneakers. So stay tuned for some average outfit posts on that note!) But you know what else I'm vibing on? Matching outfits. Jumpers and skirts made from the same cloth. Dresses and jackets, fabric on repeat. Pantsuits not so much unless your shirt is also made of... you got it. Obsessed.

So it was confusing for me when an emailing list that I never subscribed to just sent me an email heralding the arrival of 'Oxblood October' and I was a bit 'oxblood again?' but also a bit 'Lindsey Wixon, girl, you're looming fine in your burgundy on burgundy on burgundy!' So I was nonplussed. But honestly? This outfit/photograph/everything is fantastic. 

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