Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kennedy Fraser on the status of fashion

We have long had an interest in pretending that fashion is something more dignified and substantial than it really is. The new status of fashion became obvious some years back, at the time it changed its name to “style” or “trend”. There came to be widespread recognition that fashions of any kind were not merely esoteric and self-contained trinkets but a part of life […] fashion grew until it came close to being equated with intelligence. In the amount of respect we accord various intellectual attributes, a nose for trend now rivals the power to analyze the present and has surpassed the ability to store the past memory (The Fashionable Mind 1981: 147).

Prescient words that pre-dated the development of professions such as cool hunting, streetstyle photography (as we know it today) and stylists for everything from your wardrobe to your home to your lifestyle.

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