Wednesday, October 31, 2012

as ever, on personal style blogs

Natalia Vodianova shot by Mario Testino for UK Vogue 2008

Sometimes I toy with the idea of listing every single style blog I've ever looked at in a special section of my bibliography. We're talking in the hundreds. My 'bookmarks' tab takes about five minutes to scroll down, so thick with names is it, names that rise up and rush together like blank verse as I scroll down:

Most bloggers remain in my memory and when I return to their blogs, I still experience the sense that I'm catching up with a friend. A distant friend, maybe, but one whom I have fond memories of, like someone you went to primary school with and haven't seen since. The passage of time that takes place in between blurs specific recollections into a wash of familiarity and interest to see what they're up to on this day.

I've rediscovered some 'old' gems and found some new favourites lately. This has been pleasant, as for a few months I stoppered my style blog readership, unable or unwilling to engage beyond what I already had. Such is the danger of researching a genre that is constantly multiplying, evolving and shifting focus- you can never reach any kind of  summit or vantage point that will allow you to survey the field in some totality. Instead, you look for the big moments, the bits that stick out, and write to those in the hope that they capture at least some of what you're witnessing. 

And so on I go, always clicking new links, wondering about yet-unseen blogs and hissing a silent 'yes!' when a blogger writes something so prescient or so apt or so perfectly, exactly what I've been looking for. A confirmation or an explication that will help me on my way- which is, of course, to try to explain what we do when we blog. 

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