Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A somewhat shamefaced catch-up

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If I were a mother and Fashademic were my child, the Department of Community Services would long ago have snatched it from my neglectful arms. Luckily for me (and dare I say Fashademic too) it's only a blog and so perhaps I can sneak back onto the 'Compose Post' screen without too sharp a pang of guilt. 

Well, you see, I am now a year out from my planned submission date. I'm well into my incisive, brilliant, hard-hitting study on style blogs (what?) and I have been writing and reworking as only a starting-to-stress postgrad student can. One year left? Sweaty palms. One year left? What have I been doing with my life? ONE YEAR LEFT? How am I going to get it done? And so on and so forth. But you know, I've redone my thesis chapter outline and I now have four (maybe five, let's be real) tight, interesting chapters planned. Then my intro, my conclusion and my prologue (I'm especially excited about the prologue!) and BAM. The thesis is done. Or it will be... eventually. 

So I haven't been updating as often as I ought because I've been writing and the last thing one wants to do after writing chapters and footnotes and appendices all day is slap one's brain into blogging gear and write posts.* Soz. But I have missed Fashademic and I have missed you, gentle readers, so let's give it another red hot go, ok?

So here's what you've missed of late:

- The other day my very clever and very brilliant friend Christopher casually dropped the word 'crepuscule' into conversation and my knees literally buckled. Who knew a reference to Benjamin could have such a powerful effect on one? Yow.

- I have been wearing the same Rittenhouse dress day in day out for, o, a good two months now. It's light black wool, wide through the body, skinny on the three-quarter sleeve and it's just the thing for rolling out of bed into typing and then from typing into old movies watched on YouTube (confession: I only learned how to find and watch movies for free on YouTube three weeks ago. I hadn't lived!) And if you haven't had a good look at Rittenhouse before, YOU haven't lived. Deceptively simple clothes made from gorgeous fabrics in the best cuts- I am a recent convert but like all recent converts, I'm breathlessly evangelistic about them. Go see!**

- I have fallen completely in love with an American man who I'm going to meet for the first time "IRL" in three weeks. I have had to bite my tongue about him on Fashademic before because 1. EW, who wants to hear me gush about my boyfriend?*** (My poor friends have been suffering enough, sorry guys); and 2. it felt a bit strange because it was new and also how to explain that we encountered each other through this very blog before snowballing into a non-stop conversation then dating for five months, all without ever even standing in the same room? Tricky. But I'm covering lost ground here so... there it is. I leave in three weeks. Am somewhat excited.

-I'm doing a weekly segment on FBi 94.5 every Monday morning at 8.15. The segment is called 'Word Up' and it involves me nerding out about words- so far we've talked etymology, fashionspeak, all the words to do with perfume, words we love and words we love to hate, famous last words and palindromes. Get involved, Sydneysiders.

What else? O, nothing really. But I'm back, fashion nerds, and that's the main take-home. Also, I dyed my hair super-blonde (and when I say "I", I mean Sheree at Salon X who is really very good) and I hardly recognise myself anymore. So now we're up to date.

*Am somewhat addicted to the very amusing @Queen_UK and have taken to selectively addressing oneself as 'one'. Makes one feel very polished.
**Disclaimer: the lovely shop that I work in sells Rittenhouse. This is not intended to be a covert advertisement for the label, just a personal recommendation. I like their stuff is all. Besides, I decided not to say where I work and while it's probably not that difficult to figure out, I'm sticking to my guns. I'm not trying to sell you anything here, nerds. Also why I refuse to advertise on Fashademic. End of heart-on-sleeving.
*** Who else thinks that 'boyfriend' is a redundant noun after one's teenage years? Surely we can do better? 'Man-friend'? 'Lover'? 'Partner'? 'Significant other' (ewwwww)? O, help.

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