Saturday, June 23, 2012

Valentino Resort '13 or 'The Wedding Dress Game: REDUX'

Long-time readers will know that I used to play a game (with myself, in my head... like you didn't too) called the Wedding Dress Game. I would look at a spread of various runway looks in fash mags and say to myself "if I had to choose my wedding dress from this page, which dress would I choose?" Skeptics would do well to note that the central aspect of this game was the dress, not the wedding. I mean, this is the day to really go all out, don't you think? And you have a captive audience who are practically obliged to look admiringly at the dress, so you might as well make the most of it (what, that's not the point of a wedding? Come on, it totally is.) Besides, it was fun pretending for a millisecond that that Rochas/ Oscar de la Renta/ ChloĆ© loveliness would one day envelop me. 
And then I saw the Valentino Resort '13 collection and the game was harder than ever, ever before. I mean, how could you choose between them?

Do you want to be multicolour bride in an old wooden church with morning light steaming through the high windows?

 Chic registry bride getting married in front of a stern judge in a Parisian mairie?

 Inner-city bride with a bouquet of jonquils and a groom with sleeves and suspenders?

 I mean seriously! 
It's impossible to choose.

 I'm in PAIN.


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  1. Did you do that shoot while you were in Europa? The model bears a striking resemblance to you (though perhaps that's because I have not seen you in forever). Perhaps that's also why you can see yourself in all of them!

  2. It's probably because you haven't seen me in forever, but I'll take it!

  3. I play the game too... I would put you in the first one or either of the last two...but then again that jumpsuit was pretty special. The other options, we can find other reasons to buy those. Obviously in my version of the game we don't need to select only one, oops.