Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Partial Photodiary of Thursday and Friday of This Week.

I feel very proud of myself that not only did I remember to put my camera in my handbag both yesterday and today, I also remembered to use it a number of times. What follows are some highlights of the past couple of days including (but not limited to): a walk in Russell Square, meringues by Ottolenghi, a skim fw at Sensory Lab, some bits and bobs I saw wandering around Piccadilly with some friends before lunch today, and a neon sign outside Liberty that I wanted to thieve away. Actually, footnote Liberty: I had a gasping reaction to all of its Edwardian city-block-length glory and I didn't even go in. Something to anticipate. Also included in this litany is a wink and a nod for all you Benjaminians out there (but mostly you, Stell.) x


  1. amazing photos! (what camera do you use?) have a wonderful time.

  2. thanks Meg! I use a Canon ixus 105- it's a little digital one?