Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit Post: Print Party in the Garden

Why wear one clashing-colour number when you can wear three? I always say. So here you see me in the little gated garden that annexes the back of the converted Victorian terrace house that has been home for the past two weeks. The garden is in full Spring bloom- tulips, daffodils, daisies. It's beautiful!  And cold. Thus the coat dashed over my shoulder to keep body and soul together. And yet- there were photos to be took so...

Demonstrating how I am at one with nature by posing with a daisy. Feel so Karlie Kloss circa Marc Jacobs' Daisy campaign right now. But more colourful. Yes, these trousers ARE English tweedy wool from the 1950s, thanks for asking! In cobalt blue and lemon yellow with checks from ankle to waist. I got them at a lovely vintage shop just off Brick Lane called The Shop and it's well worth a visit, especially if you like silk scarves and bolts of vintage cloth. Luckily I can't sew or some of those deep jonquil yellow brocades would now be my sweaty-palmed luggage allowance nightmare. 
I styled myself up with the Kenzo jumper you'll be sick of seeing soon, and a pair of Kenzo heels. I'm not a big high heel wearer. More inclined towards comfortable shoes you can stride around town in but how could I say no to an orange heel, black patent hands holding the front of my foot and velvety blue suede ankle straps? I mean, really! And they are SO comfortable. Love your work, Kenzo.

Close-up of the shoes featuring bluebells (delphiniums? Like I actually know, let's be real), white jonquils and tulips. 


  1. What a divine outfit, quirky and casual. I do like the way you've mixed different prints and the shoes are very unusual! I believe you're standing by my favourite wildflower bluebells.

  2. Thanks Christobel! Are they your favourite? I can see why, they're beautiful! I love wildflowers so hard.