Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outfit Post: A Good Friday

Nothing says 'Good Friday' like your favourite dress, a church service with friends in a church that was built in 1820 and a wander around Piccadilly. And it was the perfect day for a wander- blue, sunny and crisp- and we wended our way down Regent Street, pausing to allow me my minor heart attack in front of Liberty, down Carnaby Street and beyond, into the thick of old stores (a bookshop started in 1797? Fortnum and Mason?)... but not before I thrust my camera at Luke and asked him to take photos of me in front of the fountain at Piccadilly Circus. 
Luke and I, taken by Shans. Luke's wearing his bishop's purple jumper and I look like a Dries fangirl. Who am I kidding, I am a Dries fangirl. Shoes, dress, sunglasses? Check, check, check.

Highlights from yesterday included a Good Friday feast of avocado and Scottish smoked salmon salad a la Shans, strawberries smashed with raspberry and blackberry meringues, and a white wine from Bourgogne courtesy of Luke. O, and the walk, which was lovely. I don't know if it's possible to tire of seeing London- the buildings, the shops, the museums, the parks, the people. Shans quoted Samuel Johnson the other day, that 'the man who has tired of London has tired of life.' I reckon. 

It's a bit ridiculous how wonderful this past week has been. Am waiting for the other shoe to drop- like someone is going to steal my passport or I'm going to find that someone has already written the equivalent of my thesis or something. I mean, how can it be possible to have time like this to enjoy, to try and taste and explore? I feel like a big wide-eyed cliché but I don't know what the alternative is... I'd have to sit in a corner with my eyes shut to not be simply pleased at the size, the historied grandeur and quiet beauty of this place.
All of which is only heightened when you're swimming streets in a washed cotton ocean and butter-firm leather boots with a perfectly almond toe. Too much.

Dress, shoes, sunglasses: Dries Van Noten // Coat: Chloé // Tahitian Pearl ring: graduation gift// Tights: H&M // Bag: Coach.

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