Tuesday, April 17, 2012

London Lately.

The ceiling of the Borough markets. Apparently a market of some kind has existed in this part of the city since 1014, which predates even the Battle of Hastings. Crazy. But if the organic, ethically raised pork sausage sandwiches were as good then as they are now, I can see why (eh, eh Northfield Farm?)

Actually, I am trying very hard not to turn Fashademic into a food diary- and I'd be lying if I didn't say I have a backlog of images in my iPhoto of English muffins as big and pillowy as Chanel 2.55s, iced cakes and mountains of squash and gourds (the colours!). Yet I am exercising restraint. Well, at least in regards to pictures of food. I have been hitting the shops like there's no tomorrow (which there very may well not be if I continue at this rapid clip. You may find me blogging from a park bench, surrounded by plastic bags full of gorgeous vintage and Kenzo if I'm not careful... but would that be so bad, really?) so I will focus on the matter at hand instead.

This is me doing my darndest to show you what I thought was quite a cool outfit. Really, any time I put on Ann D I feel like the coolest girl in the room- there's something about her skinny cuts, her luxe black fabrics and her general waywardness that gives you an edge you may or may not actually possess. So here's I am in some hand-me-down Tsubi jeans so greyed they're hardly black any more, my trusty Dries boots (the only shoes I brought to London. I stand by my decision), an Ann D wrap skirt which also buttons up to a cheeky peplum, and my new favourite jumper by Rittenhouse. It is the softest mohair and has elbow patches which I am convinced are the secret to true greatness (in a jumper.) 
Also note the largest shopping bag I have ever had the pleasure of lugging embarrassedly around town. Concealed therein are a pair of shoes that are comfortable and cool (aka 'the grail') and a jumper (coming up later in this post) as well as the Times which I am enjoying reading every weekend. Puts Sydney newspapers in the shade (sorry SMH but it's true.) Side note: on the lips is M.A.C. lipstick in 'Neon Orange' which makes you look like you're really very polished and chic indeed when you're really not at all. You can have unwashed hair and chipped nail polish but wear a swipe of that and feel quite the girl about town. True story. 

Interval! Somerset House at the witching hour. I was en route to Tom's Kitchen (there are no photos of the mac n' cheese (spell check, Americans of our number?) or the ethically raised cod enjoyed therein but know that both were scrumptious) but I couldn't continue until I'd taken photos of this lovely installation by London based Chilean artist Fernando Casasempere. The entire grass forecourt is planted with 10 000 ceramic flowers. Well worth a visit if you're around that part of town (near the Thames? Look for the big, white, square building.)

But on to more artistic scenes such as... this:
Nothing says 'serious PhD student on a research trip' like a selfie taken in the mirror at Topshop, am I right? Especially when winking.

Look nerds I do my best. Here you see me in the Bernhard Willhelm dress, the new Kenzo jumper (which is a. clashingly bright, b. reminds me of this Proenza Schouler top and c. is just the right combination of cropped and snug) and an 'Arvust wool beanie which, I might add, was bought months ago on a whim and well before the beanie extravaganza that was last Fashion Month. See also: repeat offending on the M.A.C. neon orange front. 

You know how sometimes you try something on and know that if it was just a little different, it would be the perfect thing? Such was the case with this Topshop shirt. It reminded me of a Dries shirt that my friend Juliet has (Ju looks quite the babe in everything she puts on, so if I see something even remotely like what she has, yep, I'm going to try it on) but it was just a little wrong on me. It married batwing sleeves with collar and cuffs which is unusual enough to be fantastic PLUS came in this great tangerine check- and you know how I feel about checks. But it just wasn't quite right, you know? Until I started to take it off and realised its untapped potential as a trans-seasonal poncho! Check it. And if the sleeves were really draped fabric with an emphatic hem? And with the lips? Are you seeing it or am I crazy? No, you're totally seeing it right? COOL. Designers of the world, can you make this happen? I'd drape it on me in a red hot minute. 

Finally, I leave you with this beauty, discovered in a park outside Gordon's wine bar at Embankment which is apparently the oldest wine bar in London. It's all subterranean caverns and crowded tables, so perfect for a cheeky carafe of red wine if you're so inclined. Which I always am, obvz. But again I find myself digressing onto food. Stay tuned for Foodademic, my follow-up PhD. Gonna be huge (much like myself if I keep eating chocolate eclairs at Maison Bertaux. Worth it, but.)

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