Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter blues.

Last night I was walking to where I was going and suddenly it was winter. Summer has been a teenager all season, all mood swings between thrumming heat and torrential rain, but at least we have still been able to enjoy the long light that lingers to seven o'clock, eight o'clock in the evening. Until yesterday night, when I was striding up the street through rain-soaked leaves and the streetlights were on and even the shadows had shadows. I felt that cold clutch, like I just wanted to get where I was going and fast, because it was cold and utterly dark out. Then I realised- this is exactly like mid-winter. It's February. And we have nine more months until the hope of cicada-laden, irradiant heat slowing through the night again. Yes, I felt a pang.

Luckily, for my mental health (you will be pleased to learn, no doubt) there are things to distract from the prospect of an early, long winter. Such as a newfound obsession with finding the perfect black turtleneck and cutting all my hair into a modish bob so I can feel like a Jil Sander model of the mid-Nineties (as above). I'm going to scour the GAP and op-shops until I meet success! (Yes, none of this Alexander Wang inspired cropped turtleneck business- I want long ribbed sleeves, a long ribbed trunk. I pretty much want to feel like I've stepped out of a more minimalist version of 'Murphy Brown.') Am confident this is a constructive way to keep my chin up in this cooler weather... or my neck warm at the very least.

image from AnOther Magazine


  1. Ive been looking for a classic turtleneck, too. The whole 90s revival has a bunch of cropped turtlenecks and the ones that arent cropped have the shoulders cut out, haha.

  2. I want my long hair back! Trade?

    I caught myself looking at sweaters the other day. Then I remembered that I loathe pulling things on and off constantly over my head and gave up. I have to admit that I do like the trend of cropped sweaters, though, and I find myself sorely tempted.

  3. I FORGOT about the hair- messing potential of turtlenecks, Melissa! You are so right. Now I doubly want to snip off all this hair... I like cropped sweaters too- super cute! Have you seen this one?
    Was so close to buying it (rriao!)

    Okay Alice you're on- whomever finds the classic turtleneck first tells the other where to go to get the goods. Deal? It's only right for two fashion nerds to help one another out!