Sunday, March 18, 2012

Outfit Post: Walking in water

This dress-! I actually gasped the first time I saw it. The top panel is a photographic print of the Los Angeles skyline at night, stripped down to pinpoints of light in the darkness by James Reeve, who Dries Van Noten collaborated with for the prints in the collection this dress is from. Underneath is a 17th century woodcut and under that a photograph of water which ripples around your knees when you walk... 

or twirl.

So this is me, obviously, grinning because yesterday I had the utterly inspired idea to layer the dress over my favourite pink pants. I love the dappled green and pink together. And also the slight weirdness of wearing a dress and pants at the same time. I've been layering skirts over each other too lately, and wearing skirts over pants- there's something very satisfying about having as many layers of clothes as possible on at one time. Why show your figure off when you can shroud it underneath a mountain of fabric, I ask you? 

What may appear to you as some kind of awesome jazz move is actually my effort to make the skirt ripple for a photo. I tried for a while, I really did. The next photo is kind of my proof... notice how my right hand looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex's claw, so chic. 

See what I mean? Attractive.

I have basically haven't taken this dress off since I redeemed it off lay-by. And that's how I do it, readers. I used to wonder that about some style bloggers- how they afforded the clothes they wore, especially Jane of Sea of Shoes or Rumi from fashion toast. I mean, top to toe Proenza, Wang and Prada? How? Me, I save my pennies, I don't really eat* or go out for big nights or anything (the PhD is useful in this regard, my lunch buddy and dinner date all week every week.) And I also have a credit card... you know, which helps. So anyway the take-home here is that if you don't have a car or dependants of any kind, don't own a house and don't mind eating the same leftovers for lunch five days in a row, it is possible to slowly afford dresses that swim in the air around you. 

So this is me laughing because Juliet was instructing me on how to pose. 'Move your skirt- slower. Don't flick it out, just across. You're not a cancan dancer!

dress and pants: Dries Van Noten // shoes: Rittenhouse sandals

*EDIT: Shivers, that came out ALL. WRONG. Of course I eat! My word. I meant I don't eat OUT all that often. More the cook at home for the week type. The make a kilo of granola that last three months type. So... are we good? Cool.


  1. Oh my god, it's so beautiful! I love it. Especially how it drapes in the back in the first image.

  2. Isn't it?!? It's actually a bit insane.