Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outfit Post: In defiance of a grey day.

I woke after brief sleep and it was still raining. No, not raining- it was like the end of the world coming down outside my window. Strange somehow for it to be torrential first thing in the morning; I tend to assume that thunder and storming rain belong to dark nights alone. Well, we've passed through a few of those recently, too. So what else was there to do but accept that my umbrella would be hopelessly inadequate in the face of the elements and arm myself against the inevitable drenching by choosing the cheeriest outfit I could? Which is how this happened:

Pretty much impossible to be made miserable by sheets of rain assaulting you through your umbrella when you have a giant face on your jumper. This little beauty was a find from one of my favourite stores in Melbourne, Kinki Gerlinki. It's a Sonia Rykiel sample, all fine wool and warm colour. And the eyes have lilac eyeshadow on. Irresistible.

Not to mention that wearing this outfit makes me feel like doing this all day. I know academics (even proto ones) are supposed to be intent and think about, you know, serious ideas and stuff, but I defy you to wear a face-jumper and a balloon-esque plaid dress like this Bernhard Willhelm one (worn under) and not want to spin around all afternoon. 

In which I look surprised for no particular reason but the colours in the bricks somehow do nice things to the colours in my hair. 
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I put a vintage yellow coat over the top before I left the house because you can never have too much colour or too much check in one outfit, don't you think?

I reckon if Sydney is going to get into winter in a big way this early in the year, it's only fair if we respond by dressing as colourfully and cheerily as we can. There's something to be said for defiantly striding around in green, pinks, yellows and prints as if your hems aren't getting soggy and your umbrella isn't convulsing inside out at the bus stop. A small gesture, to find some comfort in wearing brights on a gloomy day but maybe an inoffensive one. Maybe a quite nice one, actually.

dress: Bernhard Willhelm (bought third-hand) // jumper: Sonia Rykiel // coat: vintage // boots: Dries Van Noten

NB: No, eagle-eyed readers, that ring on my left hand is not an engagement ring. Breathe a sigh of relief, fellas. It was a graduation gift from my parents when I finished my undergrad and it fits my ring finger alone, so... that's the story.

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