Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Streetstyle Round-up

Okay okay so I might be horrifically tardy on the sharing what shows I've liked from New York, London and Milan fashion weeks (don't pretend you haven't been waiting with baited breath, nerds) but we still have Paris (we'll always have Paris) to swoon together over Dries and the rest of the gang who show there this week.

In the meantime, my fashion week reading has mostly consisted of being shocked and not a little sad to learn that Raf Simons is leaving Jil Sander (one of my favourite partnerships, uh, ever. Up there with Theyskens and Rochas- still not over that one ending either) and quickly looking over my usual favourites- Jil Sander, of course, and Prada, Louise Gray, but it's been patchy. It's actually just occurred to me that I don't think I've even looked at Proenza Schouler. I don't even know who I am anymore.

But to my credit I have diligently kept up with Tommy Ton's streetstyle for style.com which you know I adore and so I will now share some choice reflections with you.

First up. Trends. You know how I feel about 'trends', nerds. Skeptical. Because early on they are signifiers of 'cool' and 'fashionable' and later on a way for products to be categorised and packaged for quick consumption. With a shelf life of about one week because by the time they're being mass-produced and worn, you're already experiencing fatigue. Khaki stovepipe cargo jeans? Colour-blocking? Layered bracelets (aka the 'arm party')? Layered chain necklaces? Tank tops with enormous arm-holes? And the zombiest of trends that would not die and stay dead (you remain unforgiven, Sienna Miller): BOHO CHIC. All dead trends. But here's a glimmer in the sky that will burst over us very soon- beanies. Or, for the North Americans in our throng, toques. If you have another word for them and are currently mystified, looking below may prove the visual aid you are grasping for.

Lessons learned: beanies are fun when matched to your woollen jumper. They can pick out the shades of your outfit or be a punctuation mark of colour on their own. They are a bit funny looking but very practical when you are a chic show goer. Or when you are a skier. Versatile.

Nothing says "cool" to me like unexpected colour- what is that, exactly? Neon yellow? Chartreuse? So good with the grey/white ensemb. (Look in the right background. What do you see? TREND.)

I want her clutch. That's the kind of clutch that would drive me to a life of crime- of the snatch and grab kind.

This is just a great photo. Also: short netted veils, where have you been all my (21st century) life?

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool outfit. A tuxedo look is classically feminine and sexy by my book. And the fact that she tossed a canary yellow blazer over the top is just fantastic- light-hearted enough to not look like she massively overdressed (even though it's fashion week and many people "overdress.") She looks like she's not even trying. Which is the grail, basically.

Exhibit B. Same as before- cool, cool, cool, lady. Extra points (not that I'm giving points, except now apparently I am?) for the pants which are colourful and everyone knows how great colourful pants are. Fact.

The reason I like her hat is totally subjective. It's because it looks like a horse-riding hard hat. I think it would be impossible to be unhappy in such a hat, and it is not so literal as the Balenciaga variation of 2008, if I recall correctly? Also, it's a lovely shot. 

As is this...

And this. 
I would wear all of these outfits, which I don't think is quite the point. But they're all so balanced, so comfortable looking, so interesting with a mix of fits and colours and textures... nice.

Is that... a My Little Pony on her phone? There are no words.

And lastly but never leastly, my number one lady-crush, Taylor Tomasi Hill. A streetstyle gush is not a streetstyle gush without my favourite red.

All images by Tommy Ton for style.com

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  1. whoo time to pull out my beanie! I really like that all red look with the beanie.