Monday, February 20, 2012

Sontag Cover

Am also reading this extraordinary book. I read Sontag's work for the first time last year and instantly wanted to read more. This is the book the essay I read was extracted from and it is so rich, so teeth-sinkingly good. 

And the cover! A wonderful choice of image that underlines her argument about the fleeting, documentary, artistic, personal nature of photography yet it also has the power to emotionally impact in its own right. It's called 'Gypsy watching the police evict his family, Kent, 1963' by Don McCullin, and I keep turning back to look at it. The dismay and uncertainty of his face as well as the beauty of the image at an aesthetic level- the light in his hair, the shadows gathering in his careworn face, his scarf, pulled or worked its own way to the side, just so- keeps me swinging back and forth between his story (as the title suggests) and what is actually visible.

Source of image

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