Friday, February 17, 2012

Outfit Post!

So my knowing smirk is really directed at myself. 'Well, well well,' my clothes may as well be saying. 'You came crawwwwwwling back in front of the camera after all.'

Um... yes. I did.

Because I think that I've been too hard on myself, really- I've been so discomfited by the idea of putting myself visually front and centre that I convinced myself I didn't "need" to do outfit posts, that Fashademic could be more writing-based. Well, sure; but I love seeing how people dress, and I love seeing glimpses of other bloggers (or big unadulterated slabs of them) in photos, so why did I feel differently when it came to myself? It's a mystery... but in the meantime, ta-da! I offer you... my new favourite skirt (don't tell my other skirts.) Here is why I love it: it's multi-coloured. It's knitted. It has pompom ties. It says 'buzzblond' all over it (why? does it matter?); and it makes me feel outrageous.

It's by Bernhard Willhelm, a wonderfully creative, unpredictable designer who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and who gives perfectly non-sequiturial answers to straightforward questions (see the latest RUSSH, for instance. So good.) I dressed it with a (forgotten) black hair elastic on my wrist, a bassike t-shirt in the best sky shade of blue and earrings I made in a fit of being inspired by Prada. I actually haven't worn earrings for a number of years now but all of a sudden, my bracelets are languishing and, well, that's what Miuccia does to a lady. She comes out with revhead shoes and rose-and-"diamond" earrings and silk-satin rompers and somehow the response she engenders is "MY WORD, YES!" not " . . . *crickets* "

I really was just retying my pompoms properly here, not even posing. What a natural.

And this is my brain's creative response to my inner, frantic 'what do I do next? Look relaxed!' moment... hand on hip. I know, I know, how do I think of these magic poses? I'm just an innovator, I guess.

skirt: Bernhard Willhelm // tshirt: bassike // earrings (that you can't even see, how fash mag of me): self-made // sandals (that you also can't see, soz): Rittenhouse.

Huge thanks to my profesh photographer housemate Kate who rescued me from staging my camera on top of an upturned saucepan to get the right angle and intervened with her D-SLR- life saver!