Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outfit Post with pink pants and washing basket.

In this outfit post, you can expect some behind the scenes glimpses of my life, such as the washing up basket in the background there. It's the little differences I bring that make my outfit posts so unique, no? Some shoot on cliff-tops, some drive into the middle of the desert for their shoots... I walk into my kitchen, prop my digital camera on the ironing board and let the magic take me where it will.

 ... Like against this wall, for instance. 

Here I am in a vintage vest from the '20s that I got for my twenty-first birthday from The Vintage Clothing Shop. I'm wearing it backwards, held together with a safety pin (and that's how we do it in the big league, ladies!) My pants are the pinkest shade of pink, the exact shade of the lovechild of fairy floss and a flamingo, and they're by one of my absolute favourites designers, Dries Van Noten. They actually make me a little nervous sometimes because they're, you know, beautiful, and I don't have a great track record with keeping nice things nice. If there is a glass of red wine to be spilled, a random smear to appear on a pocket, a pen to explode, or some other stainy disaster to be enjoyed, you can count on my enjoying them all over my clothes. And as these pants are also dry clean only, I feel an edge of stress every time I wear them. Yet at the same time, how could you be anything but happy in slightly slouchy but straight cut pants the colour of delight? They really are. Blue for joy, I think. Yellow, sunshine yellow for happiness. But pink for delight, always.

Last outfit post I neglected to tell you what I was doing that day- I will this time because these are outfits I wear; I don't put them on just for the photos. So this time I was going to work in the shop where I (love to) work. I managed to NOT spill soy sauce from my avocado brown rice sushi on them, I managed to remember NOT to wipe my washed-wet hands on my pants legs to dry, and I managed to feel very cool in them all day long. All signs that I am well on my way to a promising future.

Outfit: top- vintage // pants and belt- Dries Van Noten.


  1. Twinsies! I have a pair of bright leaf-green linen DvN pants. They only seem to work with plain white tops, though.

    I really like how you've coordinated this outfit - colour-blocking, but with the splash of pink in the vest to tie it all together.

  2. SHUT UP! I love that. Lime green sounds bodacious- have you tried a deep blue on top- navy, cobalt, or something? Also, a turquoise green could look wonderful. Woo-woo. And thanks! x

  3. My closet has a regretable dearth of turquoise green tops. This must be remedied!! Thanks for the ideas. (This is Diana, btw.)

  4. As if I didn't know, Diana! You should rectify this dearth at once! and wear with lime green Dries asaps. His trousers are the best, no? x