Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fashademic!

image from RUSSH

It is two years today since I started Fashademic and in one week it will be two years since I started my research on style blogging. It feels like so long ago now, considering all that has happened in the interim- but here we are!
It has been fun, nerds. I love having you here, love reading your responses to things I've written, and I consider it a privilege to have a corner of the public sphere to call my own and daub with my favourite quotes, photos of Taylor Tomasi Hill and proto-thoughts. Thanks for reading.

To "celebrate" this momentous occasion here's a shortlist of eleven of my favourite posts from the past year, in no particular order:

1. By the printers, a funny interlude I had with another postgrad student about our respective projects. 
2. Quotation by John Berger that is so full of truth, I was astounded and glad to find it. Then happened across the perfect image to marry with the quote. 
 3. Whoa, Christianity on being a thinking person with a Christian faith and how the two are not incompatible.
4. on talking about being a fashion researcher or 'when Valerie Steele made me LOL'
5. the stars by which I set my course is a prose poem of sorts about how I feel about my thesis.
6. "it's a reference to a Chinese meal in Toronto..." when Mary Katrantzou met Gaston Bachelard and they blew my mind apart.
7. LOLITA? on the at times glaring lack of reflexivity in fashion editorials.
8. Fashademic the short documentary my dear friend Lindy made about me and my research. In other news, I never thought about what my face looks like when I talk. I now know it involves lots of emphatic eyebrows.
9. A Day in the Life when you are writing an article with a tight deadline and you are also on Twitter all the time (following me? @fashademic if you want pithy updates on what I just ate. It's totes awesome.)
10. Lost, Mad or Lust, Maudlin Or Lovers, Mystical or Llamas, Marvellous o Benjamin, you and your Arcades Project. I'm not the same person.
11. Dresses as coats over dresses an outfit post I actually liked. Success!

Here's to another year of new ideas, being challenged in our old ways of thinking and being  a reading and writing public together.
Big love x

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