Monday, February 13, 2012

A Child's Christmas in Australia

This year I'm participating for the first time in The Sketchbook Project, a cool initiative run by the Brooklyn Art Library in which you register to get sent a notebook to fill with whatever you please and then mail back. Your sketchbook will be hired out by browsers at the Library before travelling to other libraries around the world, and you can chart its progress online, seeing who has borrowed yours and looking at other people's work. 

All the content must be original, and this year, after hearing Dylan Thomas' wonderful 'Child's Christmas in Wales' by chance on the radio, I was inspired to write an Australian version of my own. I am the first to say that I do not have the warm, resonant voice of Thomas, and also my 'Child's Christmas in Australia' isn't properly finished- it's just a draft. I did, however, want to record it to see if it flows, and I think it does, and so I thought I'd upload it for you to have a listen, if you like. I'll write the link in my sketchbook so the borrowers of my sketchbook can listen in while they try to decipher my scrawl (hey! hope you're enjoying the sketchbook, future readers). For everyone else, there's my odd Australian accent ('Are you sure you're not British? Really? You're sure?') and the sound of Lindy's footsteps walking up the hall around the 5 minute mark.


  1. People really think you sound British?

  2. I was in The Vintage Clothing Shop once and a man asked me if "we" were still open. I told him I didn't work there and then he was all, "so where are you from?" (a pick-up line if ere I heard one!) "I'm from Sydney" was my reply. "But where are you from originally?" "I was born in the Western Suburbs" was my next reply, very dry. "But you definitely have an accent! Where is it from?" A voice from the back of the shop- the store owner, no less. "You certainly do have an accent! Sort of European?" If I had been in a Looney Tunes cartoon I would have turned to the camera and shrugged.