Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'Playing With Fire'

Summer is here at last, and while I didn't mind the indecisive weather of December, I am certainly loving the steady, still, golden heat and the opportunity to knock off early from the ARC for afternoon swims, ice-creams, and reading in the sun followed by more swims. Yesterday I found myself sitting on a pontoon, legs in the water, hanging on with dripping wet hands as it bucked and dipped every time some seal-slick kid bombed off the side. My head was still in my chapter but dang! It was glorious.
Even now, sitting back in this stately, cool space, I fancy I can hear the reedy thrum of cicadas (it could be the air-conditioning, though, can't be sure) and it makes me glad to live right here in Sydney, right now. Even with the weird patches of sunburn where my sunscreeny hands couldn't (or didn't) reach, and even as I see summer out the window, knowing full well it's not for me to plunge into today.
But then, a gift from my research (let me believe that my research reciprocates my devotion, please) as I found this great editorial on my travels through the style blogosphere. I find it so evocative of Australian summers, where the days are virtually indistinguishable from the nights, and it's so radiatingly hot that one more degree will spark a bushfire.
For the full series and a brief interview with the series' nineteen-year-old photographer Ryan Kenny, go to Ben Trovato.

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