Friday, November 18, 2011

Is there anything Helvetica CAN'T do?

If I was a fashion magazine, I would label this post 'FASHION OBSESSION' because I fell into the colourful, cat-decorated world of Tsumori Chisato this afternoon and I don't want to ever leave. No, I want to enfold my mosquito-bitten, increasingly mole-spotted limbs in skirts that look like palm trees and tops with tassels hanging off at random. YES.

I don't think she has an Australian stockist (correct me, someone?) but it's probably a blessing in disguise because I wouldn't be able to stop at one piece of magnificence, o no. Could you? I mean, just look!

 Do you ever experience that sensation where your heart salivates? Almost like when you catch sight of sour gummi worms and your mouth liquefies, but in this case the part of the gummis is played by pink tassels and beading imitating the ocean? And it's your heart that's all melty with shock and anticipation not your mouth, even though your heart has no salivatory glands? You know what I mean, I know you do.

Susie Bubble even made a collage out of this collection, and I think it's just crying out to be made into desktop wallpaper, I do.

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