Thursday, October 6, 2011

PFW: Haider Ackermann

How can you not warm to a designer who says that he was 'thinking along rockabilly Lord Byron lines' for his new collection? You can't is the only valid answer.
And so I present to you "my edit" of the Haider Ackermann Spring RTW collection, curated in true "style blogger style"- that is, they were all selected because they were my favourite looks. 'But there are eighteen photos here', you protest. 'That's almost half the collection.' Exactly.
But let's just talk for a moment about Haider Ackermann's incredible tailoring, his beautiful fabrics, the attention to detail... or, better yet, let's just look at what we've got here.

In the words of one of the grooms from one of my favourite childhood pony books, Summer Pony, "Very nice, Miss Pam. Very nice." Substitute 'Pam' (the horsey rich girl who lived up the road from Ginny, who kept her horse in her garage) with 'Haider Ackermann' and you're right there with me. Giddy up.

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