Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a year it's been!

The year is far from over- being only the tail of September and all- but the influx of balmy mornings, my sudden unstoppable hankerings for salad and finishing at (yet) another job have left me feeling reflective. (Not 'reflexive' for a change (academic joke! SNAP) (Sorry I said 'snap'.))

I started the year reading selling magazines at Mag Nation, where I impeded a shoplifter trying to filch four magazines at once, discovered L'Officiel Hommes, and made a brief cameo in Monocle magazine (apparently I looked "angry"; damn. I was going for "pensive".)

Then I embarked upon a brief career as a nanny that lasted about as long as Autumn. I did the 'school run' (even using that phrase made me feel like an Eastern Suburbs mother of three), mastered the art of Mighty Beanz battles, and also learned how to make a mean pikelet.

Then I stepped onto the other side of the counter as an admin assistant in one of the schools of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at uni. Here, I drank a lot of coffee, sympathised with a  lot of panicky students (who were hopefully a lot less panicky after our conversation), and saw first-hand just how much stationery Arts scholars go through (read: a lot.) It's been great, truly, but here I am about to assume a new role- one that I have always been curious to try. Shopgirl in a beautiful clothing store.

I won't tell you which one because you might come and visit and I would get tongue-tied with embarrassment that you have read my blog. Even though I'm stoked that you have, for some reason I get abnormally shy when I meet you for the first time. But suffice it to say that the clothes are DEVASTATINGLY LOVELY and I am thrilled to have a reason to linger near them all day. Which is not even to mention how lovely the other girls who work there are (read: very.)

Anyway, there you go. I am pleased to report that these changes are mostly due to changing circumstance and never because I've been fired (!) Jess told me once that every time we hang out I have moved house, changed job, or done something new to my hair and I guess that's true. At least it keeps things interesting. And maybe wading through four years on one project necessitates a little periphery change from time to time? DEEP.

For now, though, let's try not to get distracted by the psychological motivations underpinning my life choices and instead consider something infinitely more interesting: street style images from New York and London fashion weeks. 

Sometimes you have an opinion and then you realise you're wrong. Alexander Wang heel flaps, I never knew you until this moment. Or maybe like so many of us, they just needed to be seen from the right angle to shine (literally.)
 I want to believe that this is what I will look like in summer. But I know that even if I double denim a shirt and shortie-shorts, I will constantly shine with perspiration, my shirttails will elbow out of my waistband and... well. It might be uncharitable to myself to continue to catalogue the differences that will abound between this lovely model and myself. 
However- double denim. Feeling it. Ready for round two, summer wardrobe?

I love this photo. She seems so comfortable, relaxed and happy. Also- a 'how to' do sneakers with non-gym attire and do it right. 

It's Roz! Did you know this talented young lady also just won the Vogue Talent Contest and has her first piece published in UK Vogue this month? It's well deserved, as I'm sure all of her blog's readers will agree. Congratulations Roz!

Just enough 'Rosie the Riveter' to keep things interesting. 

Where to start with this photo? The Givenchy snarl, the cool coolness of TTH or the look of consternation on the face of the investment banker bringing up the rear?
Hanneli channelling the late Sixties and all I see is Orangina. I think it's the blue wall behind.

Well this is just fantastic for so many reasons. I want to be wearing the entire ensemb. Right now.
Lamé pants. That's all I see. There was a gold lamé skirt for sale in a vintage shop in Toronto three years ago that I didn't buy but SHOULD HAVE. Midi length, thin pleats, waistband that sat under my natural waist but above my hips. Three years and it still burns. These pants are just mocking me.
O hai Mary Katrantzou. Lookin' fine, girl. Also: double denim in the background, I see you there. It's still not over.
 This is just a brilliant shot...

As is this. 
Float on.


  1. Rosie, I love your words and your take on the street style shots. Wishing you loads of luck on your newest adventure with all the lovely clothes.

    A x

  2. Thanks Angela! I had to restrain myself from writing 'I WANT IT ALL' in response to every image! It would have made for a very dull commentary but would have been true nonetheless! x

  3. Ahaha... I have those momentary lapses as well. Good luck!