Monday, September 19, 2011

poetic licence

Well, good morning! Another week raises its head and blinks around and, as usual, I have taken a 'soft entry' approach into my work which involves reading whilst having my notes virtuously stacked around me. I feel that the near presence of "legit" work gives me licence to read on wantonly because if the mood strikes to get productive (it sometimes happens...) then I can grab 'A Welcome for Blogs' and get my nerd on. Or else continue to read show reports, either or.

As it is, I have spent a very educational morning at Tommy Ton's proverbial knee. It was a strong and interesting NYFW this year but as interesting is regarding the off-catwalk ensembs of the event's attendees and well, well, well. It looks like collared shirts are having a moment, and how. 

Perhaps this is due to the 2010 reinvention of Equipment, Christian Restoin's iconic shirt label originally launched in 1975. People like Garance Doré and Carine Roitfeld have been shot in them and sung their praises and where they lead, you know you wanna follow. 

Buttoned-up, tied in a knot, tucked into a high-waist, sheer, semi-sheer, whatever you fancy, it looks like the collared shirt is storming a wardrobe near you. Preferrably mine, if we're talking Equipment. I recently bought my first (cause it won't be the last) in black silk and it's like a second skin, it's so comfortable. That sounds a little gross but I wouldn't lie to you, fashnerds. (And a tip from one impoverished addict to another- if you're Australian, is where you need to head for these beauties. I'm sorry, local retailers, truly, but I found mine for $50 less than the lowest price I found in a Sydney bricks-and-mortar AND have a better range of colours and styles. And free shipping. And your order is guaranteed to arrive within three days. I'll stop now.)

So without further ado, I present to you the evidence that the collared shirt is taking over the world one back at a time and will thus implicitly argue that this is a good thing.

This represents but half of the possible images I could have shown you, and does not even take into account all of the shirt-dresses I saw. It's like a global movement, people. At times I felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss book... "I can wear it with a hat, I can roll sleeves up like that. Checked and sheer and copper tin, I can match it with Céline." 

Yes, I rhymed 'tin' with 'Céline', what of it?

images by Tommy Ton for

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