Thursday, August 11, 2011

a very fashademic photodiary

Knowing how supernaturally gifted I am with a camera, you must be waiting on tenterhooks to see my photodiary from the Sunshine Coast. 
However, allow me to gently remind you that save for an impressive effort whilst I travelled the world from Summer '08-Summer '09, my reliability as a visual recorder of events can best be described as "sketchy." 
On this trip, as inevitably is the case on all trips I go on, I pack the camera with the best of intentions then forget all about it until the last night away when I suddenly remember, repent and end up taking multiple shots of myself in various poses in hotel hallways/guest bathroom mirror reflections/what have you. I get on the plane, kick back all of the two inches allowed by those Economy seats (love your work, Virgin) and eagerly... realise how supremely lame my documentation of the trip was. Again.
I vowed that this time, this time, things would be different. I would capture a stream of sun-filtered, pretty shots a la the photo diaries of Rumi, Mandy and Sandra. I would have glowing frames of my healthy lunches and uncannily natural looking outfit shots with me lolling in some cool Cali-girl pose outside of GOMA. 
All I can say is, I tried. 
Can I help it if I don't have the patience to photograph my food before I inhale it? Can I help it that I got a mystery stain on my peach silk pants the very first day I was there? Can I help that the closest I got to 'Cali-girl cool' was twirling in excitement because they had paper, scissors and glue in the kids craft area for us to make Max Ernst-esque collages? 
I cannot. 
So I offer you what I can: 
I looked at the double 'm' and just really wanted it to be a double 'n'. If wishing could make it so...
In which I pose as if I am about to commence downhill skiing. 
I call this "Still Life (With Fries.)"

This is a new vintage silk top which reminds me of Gucci Spring 2011 every time I put it on. Worn here with some very short green denim highwaisters courtesy of the early 90s, a dying ponyskin belt and what looks like lycra shorts underneath but which is actually the closest thing to opaques I had in my suitcase. Setting a nationwide standard for style.

A few things:
-McDonalds fries with Sweet and Sour sauce as a taste combination cannot be beat. Fact.
-Adults can get scarily competitive when there are glue sticks and artistic reputations at stake. I saw some things at that kids craft area I won't be forgetting in a hurry.
-Sometimes you can find a Christian Dior cashmere jumper for $15 in a second-hand shop. I found the best way to enjoy said jumper was to make a chocolate packet cake stuffed with melted chocolate and to eat said cake from the baking tin with a spoon, bucket of ice-cream at the ready. Has anyone ever worn Dior while baking a packet cake before? 

All photos by me except for a few that are by Jamie Davidson. 

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