Sunday, August 28, 2011

shivers down my

Can we just discuss how terrific this dress is for a moment? 
It's a spine. In a dress. 
I repeat: a spine IN a dress. 

I don't know who is responsible for this magnificence. I wanna say McQueen because it's a very McQueen aesthetic but I couldn't find it in any of his collections that showcased skeletons. I did, however, find a snazzy, jazzy number by Schiaparelli on my travels. 

Check it.
The ribs on the back kind of look like giant fingers holding the torso (no? just me?) but I love the way they arc up under the breasts at the front. 
I imagine it would need an emaciated Victorian harridan to really do it justice. Or...

Someone like Helena Bonham Carter. O, she'd be fantastic in this Schiaparelli. 

Hang on... did I just invent the fashion equivalent of Fantasy League Football? 
Fantasy Fashion Styling? All right!

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