Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been torturing myself lately by poring over The Coveteur. I stayed away for the longest time because I well know that, as Adrian said when he looked over my shoulder, "you have champagne tastes on a beer budget." Quite.

But they have featured people that make my breath shorter with (let's just call it what it is) envy. People such as Sally Singer's assistant/fashion writer who received Balmain cast-offs from Vanessa Traina and Teen Voguette Mary-Kate Steinmiller, whose bracelets are an exercise in pre-Proenza lustworthiness. They've even profiled Canadian jewellery designer Maryam Keyhani whose Tumblr is a personal favy dave as regular readers well know. 
Sure, it feels a bit voyeuristic to go behind peoples' front doors and snoop at all of their vintage Chanel 2.55s, top hat collections and Alaia shoes, but you quickly became incogniscent of that you come face-to-face with images like this:

It's practically obscene.

So in the interests of turning those hours into something vaguely relating to work (if it goes on Fashademic it's totally PhD related, right?) here is my list of the most gut-wrenchingly, gorge-risingly, evisceratingly lovely things that I would buy if I had a champagne salary at my disposal. They will either break your heart or your wallet, depending on your solvency.

The way the sequins graduate down the bag SLAYS me.

I imagine wearing this jacket + feathered necklace combo would be akin to looking like you have plumage sprouting from your thyroid.

 I wants them, precious.

And, The Coveteur, if you're reading this I have lots of suggestions of people who you should Covet. Like Michele Lamy, Hamish Bowles and Christine Centenera. And if you want to feature a fashion-nerdish nobody, may I humbly offer to throw open the doors of my own bedroom. I have Salvatore Ferragamo shoes with the heels torn off by the cobblestones at Sydney University, I have piles of junk stuffed into my huge wardrobe that would only take the right eye to be transformed from 'messy' to 'artistically arranged' and if it's jersey dealbreakers you want- well! Ho ho.


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