Saturday, August 27, 2011

I don't even need your love but you treat me like a stranger and it feels so rough.

I don't usually post links to all the good reads I've inhaled during the week, but over this past week I read so many inspiring, interesting things that I simply have to share. Here's hoping they add some illumination to your mind too. And if you read that last sentence and are all, 'illumination to my mind?" let me defend myself by saying that I'm using all available brain function to draft an article that's due next Thursday so you've gotta throw me a bone. All right? All right. 
Let's go!

Vanessa Bruno have released a new video for their S/S 11 range featuring Kate Bosworth. I've never been one to get breathless over her (though the girl clearly knows how to rock a Proenza dress), this featurette lets Bossie showcase an impressive range of creepy stares and dreamy gazes, as well as letting her indulge a fantastic and downright odd woman-of-the-wilderness vibe that I think the world needs more of. Film directors, take note. You can see it in full below, do enjoy. And then we can whine together about how much we want everything and how we can't afford it because we're poor students and then we can go op-shopping together to recreate the magic, DIY-styles.

Riding a bus at eighteen, Frida stood next to an artisan carrying a pouch of gold dust. When the streetcar hit them, his pouch was broken open by the force of the collision and Frida’s body, ruined on concrete, was covered in what the pouch held. Gold was sunlight on asphalt. Gold was the gleam of metal through an open wound. Magenta, on the other hand, was the color of blood. “El más vivo y antiguo,” Frida called it—the most alive, the oldest shade. “He who sees the colors.” Frida was the one who had to wear them.
-Leslie Jamison on Frida Kahlo for The Paris Review

“Today, you’re not looking for perfection anymore,” says Michael Flutie, the owner of Company Management, one of several new modeling agencies that have been founded in New York in the last decade. What matters more than any particular look is a model’s attitude, her ability to project an inner life for the camera: the inner life of someone whose surface fascinates us.
A little excerpt from James is a Girl, an article by Jennifer Regan which was published as the cover story of The New York Times Magazine in 1996. It may be a long time ago now- break: where were you in 1996? I was in year six at a girls' school, still obsessed with horses (I galloped around the playground) and already the library was my favourite place. Psych!)- but it is a fantastic (I wanna say) expose, but it's more gentle, more a revelation, through the affected don't-give-a-damn front of then-new girl James King. 

I love the juxtaposition of her youth and her affected hardness, her enthusiasm and her weariness. It also reminds me of the erstwhile Tumblr of Cailin Hill, Model Burnbook. Their experiences seem similar in many ways, being perennially on the move and in-demand but so young, both so angelic-looking yet so tough. But Cailin's toughness is more than skin deep, it seemed a clear-eyed hardness that shimmered in her blood and was brilliantly etched on the acerbic Burnbook. Man, I miss that Tumblr.

Killer spread featuring Andrej Pejic and Zombie Boy for Auslander S/S 2012

 On a non-fashion related note, I have recently moved towards vegetarianism. This choice is a luxury I have, living in a country where there's an abundance of non-meat alternatives to eat and enjoy, and is one made because I've been gradually learning about the deplorable ways that animals are farmed for human consumption and I've quite literally lost my appetite for meat. My problem is not that we eat animals, but that I believe that they should be treated with dignity when alive and humanely in death. There are a bunch of ethical animal farmers in NSW and I need to do more research to find out how I can hook up with their products, but in the meantime here is a thought-provoking article arguing for ethically treating animals raised for human consumption- How Animal Welfare Leads to Better Meat: A Lesson from Spain

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