Thursday, August 4, 2011

cue the beach boys.

Adios nerds!
I'm flying to Brisbane, Queensland* for five days to hear Dr. Valerie Steele give a talk (which will surely be an exercise in self-control as I try very hard not to gush about how much I love Fashion Theory, the journal she founded and is the editor of), to meet a bunch of other lovely fash-nerds (I'm assuming they're lovely. They research fashion, how could they not be? I mean, really), and then to have a glorious three days of Surrealist art viewin', sun-lovin', friend-catcheruppin', non-theoretical readin' holiday time.
It's going to be grand.
I even packed my bikini, guys, so you know there's some serious beach-time in my immediate future
Have a great rest of the week/end!

*ps. not sure what Queensland looks like?


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