Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"The experience of sensing places, then, is thus both roundly reciprocal and incorrigibly dynamic. As places animate the ideas and feelings of persons who attend to them, these same ideas and feelings animate the places on which attention has been bestowed, and the movements of this process- inward towards facets of the self, outward toward aspects of the external world, alternately both together- cannot be known in advance... the physical landscape becomes wedded to the landscape of the mind, to the roving imagination."
-Keith H. Basso in his essay "Wisdom Sits in Places", 1996.

Is there a fuller illustration of this dynamic, reciprocal experientiality of place upon self and self upon place than in fashion photography? The fantasy of being and being seen is the shimmer over the version of reality being portrayed. 
The reality that Veruschka truly stood in a desert somewhere in 1968 with Francesco Rubartelli and Giorgio di Sant'angelo, her skirts flared like the preening plumage of a male bird in the still, ceaseless heat; she, a magnificent, anomalous presence balanced en pointe between the vast red earth and that infinite cerulean sky.

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