Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is no time for the jazz flute.

Anna Piaggi is marvellous. 
Here she is, photographed by Tommy Ton (in Florence? Milan? I forget) in full sail. I spy Rococo makeup, leopard fingerless gloves, shades of Grey Gardens about her crocheted shawl and floral scarf, what looks like an enormous fob on a toggle chain hanging from her ear and all I can say is- I want more, more, more!

There ain't no party like a mixed stripes party! (to be hollered to the tune of 'S Club Party') 

 A brown lace skirt is an adventurous choice, especially teamed with a black biker jacket and a bag that looks like it was a shagpile carpet in a former life. I read this sentence and I think 'it can't make sense! It won't make sense!' but you look at her and everything is right in the (styled) world. 

 Love everything about this photograph including (and not limited to) her furrowed brow, the teal bus in the background, and the racing stripes of magenta down her furred back.

I think the name of this jacket should be 'Vegan's Nightmare.' 
 In other news, my longing for a sheeps fur jacket remains unabated. Failing to afford a Margiela one a la Hanneli, I found a Rodarte X Opening Ceremony cardigan with sheeps fur sleeves, almost hyperventilated, then realise the back of the cardy was made of cotton knots. 
Now that's just silly. 
Because I tried it on (of course I did) and my back was freezing while my arms were toasty and pretty much the hottest arms one could imagine, clad as they were in golden fleece. So I walked away, just that little bit more embittered because I came so close and yet was still so far. Why would you do that to me, Rodarte X Opening Ceremony? I'm all for layering a warmer item over the back bit but what if I want to just be smothered in sheeps fur so I look like a big, melting marshmallow? What are you gonna do about that, huh?
I think the lesson we can all learn from is that when the item you love is by Margiela and you spend all your money on books and coffee to keep you up reading said books, sheeps fur can only be a distant dream.
It's practically a modern day tragedy.
Also: marijuana-shaped jewellery. How do we feel? I'm not convinced. 

images by Tommy Ton, of course. 


  1. How about some Mongolian Lamb? ( Although the 'Made in Hong Kong' label means it's from the 80s, so there are probably some wicked shoulder pads hiding under there. ;)

  2. wow! it's Abominable Snowman Chic! I'm thinking more along these lines (in case you stumble over something similar on you etsying):

  3. Wrong link! I mean this:

  4. I waste so much time browsing on Etsy... :)

    Er, in white? Hrm...that's a little harder. Most of them have natural colours (which is rarely lighter than a cream, and often includes some natural browns: