Saturday, June 11, 2011

'saturday morning' or 'of COURSE I'm bossy' or 'it's a referencing nightmare.'

I woke up this morning feeling peaceful. I hope this will be a week of letting loose all of the ideas in my head and not a week of agonising over whether or not I should use the word "real". Which is kind of what happened on Thursday. So, okay; you pick up, you keep going.
As always, I am inspired by old photographs I found while trawling the net for a quote from Anna Wintour I read last year. Note to readers: I like 'trawling' better than 'trolling' to describe what you do when you search the web endlessly (sometimes pointlessly.) The former makes me think of fishing and nets and early morning lakes and the latter makes me think of MMORPGS. Probably because of the invocation of trolls? Anyway, let's just all agree that 'trawling' is well superior and then look at what I found. Because it's Saturday, after all, and what else do you have to do? 

 Bogey on a bicycle. I mean, really!

 Stefano Pilati killing it with sexy layers and ARE THEY LINEN DEALBREAKERS? If they're good enough for the head guy at YSL, they should be good enough for anyone. And all the gents who have asked me how they should dress, print this photograph and stick it to your mirror.

I don't know who this girl is but I know this: that's one bangin' jumper.

 Queen of Babes, Jane Birkin. Do you think she and Francoise Hardy had a Fringe Appreciation Society? I'm imagining an Enid Blytonesque affair with top secret meetings in a clubhouse with an entry password and a 'mascot dog' called Skipper. 

 I look at this image and all I think is 'hair, hair. yeah, yeah.' Thanks, Bad Nineties TV advertisements.

 Lara Stone, Agyness Dean and posse, smoking. Even Aggy's tee-shirt is smoking. What lesson can we take away from this?

 I labelled this file 'dreamboy' for obvious reasons.

I didn't name this file 'dreamman' but if I had my time again...

I did not take these images and don't own them. They're all from Google.


  1. Mm. I do love that photoshoot of Michael Fassbender. It's like he's channelling Viggo Mortensen.

  2. The idea of being attracted to Bowie freaks me out a little simply because it reminds me of watching 'Labrynth' as a little girl and being terrified of him. I think it was the mullet. So I look at this picture and am all like '...Bowie?' but yeah, totally see it. The cheekbones, the coif.