Friday, June 17, 2011

I guess I just have an associative brain.

Not that you care, but the name 'Pitti Uomo' always makes me think of Aunt Pittypat.

I'm sure other people have come to think of Jak&Jil.
This might be why.

fecking yes.

 'Well, here we are again.' // 'But this time we're seniors.'// 'And we're gonna rule the schoool.'

I feel like this time of year in Florence, everyone's working their tan (werking?) and strolling around, all casual, or sitting on concrete fence things.

I mean, right?

And also: 
 This batchel is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the word 'batchel.'

 Well, this just defies explanation. And I love it.

 Backpacks like this are poised for world domination.

 You just wait.

You'll see.

And finally:
You ain't got nothin' if you ain't got pedal straps to match your brogues.

all images by the inimitable Tommy Ton for GQ


  1. (shh, they're called toe straps, sorry, bike nerd.)

  2. Lovin the styles though, would totally rock that look if I could be bothered to actually go shopping and buy clothes. ; )

  3. a bike nerd called mark? Because your comments were one minute apart ha ha. Aw, of course they have a proper name! Love it. Get bothered, MC. These looks are bangin'.

  4. When a satchel has a shoulder strap making it "like a bag." I know. Heinous. The bag in the photo is quite cute, though, if a little confused about its identity.