Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tommy Ton shot the CFDA Awards for GQ magazine and here I talk about my favourite suit ensembs and why. Let's go!

Haider Ackermann.
The best dressed of all the gents I saw. He looks so comfortable, casual even, yet his outfit still cleverly references the basics of a suit: well cut jacket, collared shirt, long pants, neck item. 
And that's how it's done.

 Thom Browne and Brooke Cundiff.
I'm not crazy about the attire of any of the ladies in this image (but though they look like they're having a great time, so right on) but Browne's suit is bang on. It's all just a little bit shrunken- his jacket sleeves, his trouser legs- which he accentuates at the cuff with a peep of white shirt and at the ankle with no socks. The slight, symmetrical pull of the jacket as it's buttoned across his torso just adds to it. 
Very nice.

 Sam Shipley.
It's like Shipley heard about Thom Browne's shrunken look and ran the other way into the arms of massive double breastedness. It's prevented from looking like he's wrapped in a tarpaulin in the elimination of a collared shirt in favour of a glimmer of white from a tee. His pants look like jeans, too. 
AKA 'How To Do The Statement Piece Without Being Swallowed Up By It 101'.

 Lazaro Hernandez.
This is a gratuitous inclusion because a. I love Proenza and b. Lazaro Hernandez is babin' in black tie. 
So sue me.

Kanye West.
Whatever else you may have to say about Kanye West, the man knows how to dress. The fit on that white blazer is impeccable. 

Leelee Sobieski and Adam Kimmel.
Sobieski reminds me of a young Katharine Hepburn here because of the high-waisted trouser and her strong lip colour. She looks fantastic. 
Ladies, this is how to wear a suit. 


  1. I was looking at some of the shots before. Absolutely adore what Ackerman is wearing, the smoking jacket and the texture and shine of his entire outfit is wicked.

    I love the influence Thom Browne has had on menswear, you see his proportions in Junya's last few collections, which tickles me, but I'm still more of a classical tailoring porportions kinda guy... in fact leaning more toward that Rubbinaci / Tom Ford flair and opulence.

    ...And i'm pretty sure Sobieski is rocking Tom Ford.

  2. She looks bangin'- it probably is Tom Ford. His tailoring is so fine.

  3. the fit on kanye's blazer is impeccable? it's a decent fit but please don't go over board with the complements. and he's not a great dresser at all. it's usually a mish mash of stuff and it's forced. not a fan of his "style", sorry.

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