Monday, May 2, 2011

RAFW S/S 2011-2012. Romance Was Born

Let's all just take a moment to celebrate the creativity and skill of Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, designers for Romance Was Born. In an age where the spectacle of just having a show often seems to lead labels to think that their presentational work is done (a white runway and super-loud music will do the trick, eh?) here is a label where the creative philosophy of the garments extends into each aspect of their catwalk presentation. 
Outrageous hair? Check. Made-for-catwalk headpieces that make Fabergé eggs of the models' heads? We'll take two. Dresses that defy simply commercial values and whisk their audience back to the first time their skins crept at the mystery, pain and beauty of The Never-Ending Story? It's what they do, it's what they live for. (Mandatory The Little Mermaid reference, check.)

The collection was shown off-schedule yesterday at the Mitchell Library (yes, they showed at a library and yes, of course I love them forever for doing so. They showed at a museum on my university campus last year, so we're practically MFEO) and it is everything you could hope for: clothes that are visually arresting, imbued with originality and fresh expression, cut to flatter the line of the wearer's body and printed to delight their eyes. I looked through a number of online galleries and felt my incredulity grow- this is perhaps my favourite collection of theirs to date. There's something sad and savage about their muse this season, something piercing about the prints and the details are, as always, exquisite.
There's something akin to Miu Miu in the detail of their prints but the colours, the irreverence- that, to me, is purely Australian. And I could bang on about the polish of the clothes, the balance of energy and calm in their length and linearity but you should really just scroll down and join me in spirit, united with aching hearts and our ravenous gaze.

And backstage

images from Harper's Bazaar + Vogue

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