Monday, May 9, 2011

RAFW S/S 2011-2012. Last of the Streetstyle

 Let's just all stop for a moment and acknowledge that in terms of style, Christine Centenera, with her fabulously sibilant name, can do no wrong.
 I don't usually like patchwork on people, Kate Peck, but on you... somehow you make it work. Mixing it with stripes was an inspired moment of wardrobery and with your quiff and your rocker boots, you look too determined to ever smack of Holly Hobby. Kudos to you, Kate Peck!
 For one week, these models owned the city: Rachel Rutt (she of the best walk at RAFW in my opinion), Nobis and Myf Shepherd. I don't know which is making me wall-eye more, Rutt's leather knapsack of Nobis' bitchin' biker jacket.
 Myf again looking too cute with her sheer and her lace and her big-bag/mini-bag and her headphones and the suede patches on her coat. I think it's the fitted linearity of all of the above that keep her looking "off-duty model cool" (eeek.) and not 'I played textures bingo when I got dressed.' 
THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN *today. Tangerine nails and dip-dye denim and MOBY DICK AS A HANDBAG. Somebody get me a brown paper bag before I hyperventilate.

images by Tommy Ton for

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