Monday, May 2, 2011

RAFW S/S 2011-2012. Bec & Bridge

You know how I feel about Akubras. And pastels. And then Bec & Bridge had to show these.

Their's was a really fun show- lots of bouncy, glossy curls and louche, sexy silhouettes perfect for an Australian summer. Other than the candyland hats (which will be available exclusively online) I loved the following dress. Maybe not so good for an Australian summer, though, unless you want a macrame tan. But maybe you do? No judgement.

Lucky for you other people take better photos than I do from better vantage points than mine. 

And if you're curious, the mid-show photographer scrum looked like this:

and... there's no way to share this without sounding like the diehard style blog loser that I truly, deeply am. I saw Susannah Lau aka Susie Bubble aka as if you don't know who she is across the OPT and I totally took a sneaky photo of her. It didn't seem as creepy then as it does now... Susie, should you ever read this, I'm not a creeper, promise. And I loved your ensemb, especially your necklace. And when I was staring at you when you were outside and I was waiting in the queue for my pass it was ONLY because I've read your blog for a long time and it was momentarily confusing to realise that peering at your outfits on a screen = okay but doing the same in real life = creepy/borderline stalkerish. Sorry!

images from @becandbridge and fabsugar

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