Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miu Miu Musings III: The Pace of Fashion

For those who haven't seen it yet, here's an interesting video on the speed of fashion.

I found Imran Amed's inital reflection on the lag between the communication of fashion imagery and commentary on the catwalk, and the time when the collections actually drop really interesting. 
Similarly interesting was Shala Monroque's proposition that consumers now get tired of a collection before it is even available because the fashion media (of all text types) has been so saturated with its image that consumers don't want to wear it anymore. I wonder if this was the case with the Miu Miu dress that was on four August 2009 covers and featured in countless editorials:

or the blockbuster Prada collection of Spring/Summer 11/12 which had clocked 48 covers at last count:
See the rest at Fashionista

What we want to wear and how we want to wear it seems more fractured than ever. If what we are supposed to want is to be stylish (to have style of our own as well as to recognise the most important items as they appear) is it any surprise that consumers have developed fleeting, peripatetic tastes? We're always looking for the Next Thing.
The speed at which we can consume images and information seems to have led to a false expectation that we can have as soon as we want.
I don't know what the fashion industry can do to counter this short of every major house adopting an exhausting Zara-style drop schedule but it seems like the shift in consumer demand has resulted in a proliferation of ways of purchasing and places in which to do it. And when the internet never stops, and the barrage of fashion imagery and product releases are spread over countless platforms, it doesn't seem that our expectations will be changing any time soon.

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