Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charlotte Rampling.

The epitome of babe.


  1. Cool! Maybe add a bit more description and who the people are.

  2. Hey Isobel! Sure- the woman in all of the photographs is Charlotte Rampling, a British actress who is bilingual in French and has done a range of films in both languages. She was and remains today a sex icon of the screen, often playing ambiguous, sexy female characters with razor sharp intellect. She was a favourite sitter of photographer Helmut Newton and I think her self-sufficiency and intelligent beauty are really (forgive me) inspirational. I love a leading lady who has an aura of unreachability- more and more rare these days, it seems! As for the two guys in the first image, I have no idea! Male models? Friends of Rampling's? Your guess is as good as mine...