Saturday, May 7, 2011

A brief delay.

So, okay, yes. RAFW has now come to an end and you must be looking puzzled, refreshing your browser because I have only written up three shows. This is not a mistake. (At least, I picture you refreshing your browsers and pulling at your hair, desiring more, more, more of my pith and wit. If you found my blog whilst searching for photos of Charlotte Rampling  then long may you prosper and please continue scrolling.)
My internet is being inordinately slow- something to do with paying a bill? details, details- so until I can google for images to go with my (pithy, witty) words let's all just take a moment to ponder the magnificence of this ensemble:

The divinely inspired Hamish Bowles at the Met Ball held five days ago. 
This man is my hero. Let's count the reasons why: 1. he has fringing on his loafers; 2. he's not only wearing McQueen but the McQueenest of McQueen, namely the tartan from the Highland Rape collection, one of the most English and outspoken collections McQueen ever showed; 3. not only is it tartan but it's a kimono cape; not only is it a tartan kimono cape but it is an embroidered tartan kimono cape- need I say more? and 4. he still makes room for the trad tux trimmings, wearing it all with the straightest of faces.

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